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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Project: Homecoming - 2008 - FINISHED! (long & image heavy)

Let me start off by saying, I am dog tired! I was on adrenaline for days. I was finishing up the sewing and while still having to be a wife, mother, friend, maintain a home and run errands. By the time I made sure they were shiny and fresh and got them out the door, I collapsed! LOL Every single bit of energy I had left, just drained from my body.

Okay... now on with the reviews. Let's start with Amber:

Project Details:

Pattern: McCall's 5001, view B (Modified)
Fabric: Monece Satin from Hancock's
Lining: polyester lining fabric
Notions: 14" invisible zipper; hook & eye; 2 yds of 1/4" covered boning; sew-in bra

Description: Miss Petite lined close-fitting, a-line dress with princess seams.

This pattern was well drafted and the instructions were very easy. I cut this dress in a size 6 and made the petite adjustments. I sewed the boning and the bra to the lining. I inserted the zipper after sewing the back panels together and then I sewed the rest. I attached the lining to the dress and underlined it. I attached the lining to the zipper tape with slipstitches. I honestly don't remember the exact measurement for how much I shortened. After the petite adjustment, it may have been 4 - 5 inches. I purchased the floral appliques and sewed them to the neckline and to the skirt. I tacked the petticoat to the lining at the side seams for fear that it may slip down. I purchased the petticoat from CaLyCo Crossings.

She really, really loved this dress (as if you couldn't tell from all of her hamming it up) and the sweetheart neckline is very flattering on her.

I recommend this dress for anyone that needs a formal. I will not be sewing this one again. God forbid she is forced to wear the same dress or something similar! LOL

The Accessories

Pattern: Vogue 8527, view E
Fabric: Silver tissue lame
Lining: Monece satin from the dress
Notions: 12" zipper

This is a lined clutch bag with a self-fabric bow and knot and an inside pocket. This design is based off of the Valentino Bow Clutch.

Since I used the lame fabric and just as the name suggests, it's tissue thin. The pattern said to use sew-in interfacing. I wanted to make the bag a little more sturdier, so I used some scrap denim I had for the front and back. I used muslin for my sew-in interfacing for the facings. I used fabric from the dress for the lining. I really like the contrast of the pink against the silver. The zipper is attached to the facings and the facings are attached to the lining. The lining is sewed together leaving an opening in the bottom. The lining is attached to the outer part, right sides together. The outer part is pulled through the opening and slipstitched. All of the pattern pieces went together perfectly and the instructions were very easy.

Her shoes:

Since she was very "shiny", we kept the jewelry to a minimum and only added earrings.

Pattern: Vogue 7488, view A

Notions: Six 5/8" buttons and a 1" buckle without the prong

Pattern Sizing: Pattern included all sizes. I made the SM SIZE. I used Brian's measurements and the flat pattern measurements. The pattern seems very true to size.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? Yes

Were the instructions easy to follow? Actually, they were. I had read the reviews on this one and the reviewers stated that they had trouble. Maybe I lucked up and got it right because I breezed right through.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? The pattern is very stylish. Almost identical to the retail versions I've been seeing in the Men's departments lately. I also like the pockets. The top pockets are mock welts and the bottom pockets are real.

Fabric Used: Navy blue wool pinstripe front with a satin back.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others? I would sew this pattern again if he needs another one. And he's been hinting around that he may want another one! I recommend this pattern to anyone needing a stylish vest for a guy in their life.

Pattern: Kwik Sew 3267
Fabric: Navy blue wool pinstripe
Notions: One 9" zipper, three 5/8" buttons, hook & eye

As usual, Kwik Sew never lets you down when you need basics! These are flat front trousers with back welt button pockets and slanted side pockets. These pants are drafted so well that I'm going to have to go back and look at their ladies' trousers. The size small fit Brian perfectly out of the envelope with no alterations. As I sewed, I compared these pants to a pair of RTW and the drafting and design was almost identical. I used Palmer Pletsch's no roll waistband and it turned out great.

I recommend this pattern to anyone needing to make a pair of men's trousers. This will by my TNT for the in my life.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I just want to say...

thank_you Myspace Comments

For all of your warm birthday greetings and well wishes! You guys rock!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Friday, September 19, 2008

Have you seen this fabric?

I was flipping through the October/November 2008 issue of Vogue Patterns Magazine, and on page 52, I saw this:

click image to make larger

Now, I've convinced myself that I MUST have this fabric! It's a quilted faux leather. I think this would make a really fun jacket.

If any of you have seen this, let me know. Thanks!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Project: Homecoming - 2008

It's that time of year again... Homecoming. It's September 26th, so there will be no sewing for me until all of this is done. (I do have one finished piece that I'll share at some point this week.) This time, I will be dabbling in menswear by making an outfit for my son as well. He asked and how could I say no?

For Brian, I'm making a vest like this one:

I'll be using Vogue 7488, view A.

and Kwik Sew 3267 for the pants.
Here's my fabric. It's a beautiful navy blue pinstriped worsted wool, with monece satin on the back.

Homecoming at my kids' school falls between semi-formal and formal. They attend the homecoming football game and the dance follows. This is why I would never do a long gown for Amber. I have terrifying images of heels getting caught in hems and her tumbling down the steps in the stadium. Brian decided that he just wanted a vest instead of a jacket and I agreed because it's still quite warm this time of year.

For Amber, were falling back on one of our choices from last year.

Her fabric (which hasn't arrived yet) is a soft pink. We decided to add a crinoline petticoat underneath and to shorten right above the knee. this is our inspiration dress:

This is such a fun dress and hopefully I'll be able to capture the essence of it. I'll keep you updated with progress reports.

Friday, September 12, 2008

It's not even Fall yet!

And I am so in love with the Spring 2009 Color palette (warning: .pdf) Are these colors not dreamy? I'm nothing if not a planner.

Back to Fall sewing...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Vogue 8392 - A berry cute top!

Project Details

Pattern: Vogue 8392, view C (modified)
Fabric: stretch poplin
Notions: hook & eye
Description: Pullover top with sleeve flounce.

If you've been keeping up with the trends for this Fall, you already know that anything in the berry family is a hot color this season! I guess you can consider this color to be "cranberry". Also, another trend is the "romantic blouse"... I'm killing two birds with one stone!

This pattern was very simple pattern with fairly easy to interpret instructions. I made a small 1/2" FBA and probably should have added additional length for tucking. I really like the pleated neckline... this style is so prevalent right now. The instructions suggested that the neckline be finished with ready-made bias tape. I made my own and this is my result:

Another detail of this top that drew me in were the sleeves. Ruffles and flounces are so hot right now. I decided to use only two of the flounces instead of all three... that look was a bit much to me. The directions were very vague... well, um erra... nonexistent on how the flounces were to be finished. My fabric was not lightweight enough for a narrow hem and I didn't want to leave them unfinished. I decided to use a serged rolled hem.

The back is finished with a single hook and eye closure and the top is finished with a 5/8" hem. I've had this pattern in my collection for around a year. I don't know if I will sew this one again. Let's face it, so many cute top patterns come out with almost every new release. But if the pleating and flouncy sleeves appeal to you... go for it.

The pants I'm wearing are my second version of Vogue 1051. These are quickly becoming one of my favorite pants patterns.

Monday, September 01, 2008

August Mini-Wardrobe Contest - Finished!

I love the idea of these contest and creating these wardrobes... BUT, I become some bored with them. I find myself wanting to do anything but SEW. And just like today, I find myself sewing "Project Runway" speed at the last minute. SIGH... but I finished. Hooray for me.

There was one change that I didn't include on my original storyboard. I changed my top from the Simplicity to this one:

Project Details:

Pattern: Vogue 1020, view B
Fabric: Cotton/spandex jersey

I thought this top was really interesting looking. I love the gathering/ruched side details. I found it odd that the instructions called for a side zip with stretch fabric. I couldn't wrap my mind around the need for that, so I left it out. I felt very secure that I would be able to pull this top over with a problem... and I was right. If I were you, I would use wise judgment on omitting the zipper as I did. My fabric is VERY stretch.

This top also has 3/4 length sleeves. I finished all of my hems with the coverstitch. I love the tunic length. Since my fabric is very lightweight, I was able to tuck the shirt in. For me, it can be worn in or out. What I found most interesting about this top is the drafting of the pattern. The bodice portion is cut on the bias and the bottom part is straight on the grain. This provided an interesting draping effect. I think it's very cute but it's doubtful that I'lll make it again. So many cute tops to choose from and so little time.