The joys of Saturday shopping

6:30 PM

So how is your weekend going? Mine? So far so good. Today, I did some shopping because retail therapy is supposed to make everything better! My first stop was Hancock's. They're having what seems to be a "once in a lifetime" 20% off Kwik Sew patterns sale. I've been planning to start sewing for Michael and this was a great opportunity to pick up shirt patterns for him. I also picked up a striped shirting fabric.

Since JoAnn's is in the same shopping center as Hancock's, I had to stop by there too. It was a madhouse! I had previously purchased the Rebecca Taylor dress pattern (Vogue 1152), which I thought was adorable with the cute shirttail hem. I was looking for suittable fabric when Miss Mikaela asked what I was going to make. I showed her the pattern. She asked if I wanted her "honest opinion"? I stopped, looked at her and sighed. Even at 12 years old, that kid is VERY opinionated and perceptive. I can always count on her to be straightforward with me. So I said, "Go for it." She told me that the Rebecca Taylor dress looked like something that Nikki from "Big Love" would wear. I laughed aloud and said, "Could it just be the fabric? Take a look at the drawing." She said, "That dress is simply not you." Her case was made and I completely value her opinion. So I'll be marking Vogue 1152 off of my "To Sew" list. LOL!

So, by then I had moved on to Burda 7827. See, I had been envisioning a khaki shirtdress with dark wooden buttons. My inspiration dress was based on the Tahari by ASL Shirtdress that was in a Dillard's ad in several of the major fashion magazines. I fantasized of it being accessorized with a wooden necklace and bracelets and a great pair of funky brown leather strappy wedges. See, I had it all thought out. Even though I knew I'd have to slightly modify Burda 7827, it was a great starting point. I'd even found some fabulous 100% khaki colored linen (I even had a 40% coupon) and all 17 PERFECT buttons that were 50% off. I pull my number and I was #63. They were calling #40. Sigh...

After about 30 mins., I decided that since my coupon was good for another week I'd just come back for the fabric. I put it back and headed to the check out with my Burda pattern, buttons, my rotary cutter blade and some Crayola craft thingy for Mikaela. I had NEVER, since that store opened, seen a line that long in there. And to add insult to injury I was standing in front of a woman with a screaming toddler. Even though I've been that woman before, I'm not now. It's been 10 years since I've had a wailing brat beautiful and precocious toddler and my nerves just can't handle all of that anymore. I ended up ditching all of the goods and hightailed it out of there. Maybe I'll try again on Monday morning in an almost empty store.

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