4:30 PM

Well, my dress form arrived on Friday and I love it! I've named her Penny! Thanks Roslyn! LOL

Sadly, even though I now own the fancy form my sewing mojo is a no-show. I really think it's the crazy weather we've been having. Over the weekend it was sunny and almost 70°. I saw quite a few people in shorts. Last night and this morning? Snow flurries! Sigh... I'll just be glad when it's finally Spring and the flowers start to bloom.

Since there hasn't been any sewing, I've had the opportunity to peruse all of the Spring magazines. I've been ripping pages out left and right!

I know that I MUST have:
  • something orange or coral
  • a crisp white sheath dress
  • a crisp white shirt (probably a few!)
  • khaki utility pants
  • khaki utility skirt
  • khaki shirt dress
  • something gray
  • something turquoise
Have YOU been inspired to start Spring sewing yet?

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