Pretty Girls Rock "DRESSES" Challenge!

12:00 AM

This is a challenge that I saw on Facebook that I decided to participate in. I'll be recording my progress here! You can also participate if you like. It's really easy and will inspire great Spring/Summer dress sewing!

Here are the rules:

Challenge will start
Tuesday, March 1, 2011.

1. We will rock dresses and heels like our mothers & grandmothers at least THREE (3) times a week.
2. We will reject the impulse to throw on jeans, jogging suits (even the cute kind), & dress slacks.
3. Exchange our revelations and thoughts throughout this challenge.
4. Invite a Friend(s), Take Pics, & HAVE FUN.
5. Everyone is WELCOMED to participate.
6. Exceptions: Flattering Dress Suits with nice accessories are allowed.
7. If you have a blog share it with your followers.

Let's bring back:

*GLAMOUR. *GRACE. *CHARM. *FEMININTY. *PRISSYness (is that a word?) and most of all BEAUTY.

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