A Fabulous Cardigan as a Perfect Topper!

8:30 AM

With all of the running around and shopping I've been doing in the last few days, I can't be weighed down by heavy coat.
The Light Grey & White Long Sleeve Line Print Cardigan is the perfect weight to keep me cozy, but not overheated while shopping in department stores.
Based on the picture online, I thought it would be longer.  But this is cool.  And Mikaela loves it too. I'm sure if I don't keep an eye on it, it will packed in her bags when she goes back to school in January! 
Styling tip:  For the ultimate comfort, I wore my black Vogue 1465 top and McCall's 6404 faux leather leggings. And remember when I talked about the Ghillie as being one of the hottest shoes of the moment? Of course I had to add a flat style to my closet!  Mine is Christian Siriano for Payless.

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  1. Such a stylish outfit
    I'ce always loves ghillies. I am glad to know the art on trend

  2. Erica, you just sold me on the ghillie! Off to get me a pair!

    1. They're so adorable and perfect for walking without resorting to a sneaker.

  3. Nice looking outfit. The laces on the shoes are a nod to the pattern on the sweater.


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