Review: McCall's 7392 | The 1970's Button Front Corduroy Skirt!

10:30 PM

Mikaela asked me to make her this skirt. This is McCall's 7392.
I'd previously made view A for her summer of 2016. I cut the size 6 in a stretch denim. I topstitched with silver contrasting thread and used silver snaps. She has worn this skirt so much in the last year and a half that she asked me to make her a similar version with a straight edge in corduroy.
This version is done in a 100% cotton goldenrod corduroy. How 1970s does this look? Very! I still used the size 6. This version is basically view C, but in the same length as view A. And I left off the belt loops.
I also used buttons and matching thread for topstitching.
I made a slight 3/4" full butt adjustment. Last year when I made a muslin of this skirt, it was hiking up a bit in the back. And that small alteration fixed that. 
This is such a perfect wardrobe addition for fall and she loves it already.

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  1. Your daughter is a beauty and the skirt is so cute and it is styled just right.

  2. Such a lovely young woman! You must be so proud of her!!!

  3. I love your vintage skirt. You did a great job! I really like corduroy and have a few nice fall/winter pieces in my stash. I recently have been looking for ways to use it. It really is too warm for a top, which makes this skirt a perfect choice. I also found a vest pattern that I think I am going to try in corduroy, Vogue 9273, thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Love this little skirt on her! She looks gorgeous like her mama.

  5. What a nice skirt on a beautiful young lady! I have always loved corduroy and that style of skirt.

  6. I am going to repeat a number of comments: Your daughter is lovely, on her way to being a beauty. Those pockets sure are 70's. I loved them and they are so fun to sew up.
    The skirt is a stunner and Mikaela has styled it well.

  7. Found you through Luvvie's blog. This skirt is gorgeous and works great with your skin tone. I'm also a big fan of your perfect puff. Honestly, the whole outfit is perfection. I'm going to do my best to duplicate.

    1. I’m a good and grown woman! That’s my 20 year old daughter! Thanks though!

    2. And that is why one should read first before salivating over pictures and commenting. Well she's gorgeous and so is that skirt.


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