Sew Jeans with a 3-Thread Overlock + Chain Stitch Tutorial!

11:30 AM

I've sewn a lot of jeans throughout the years. 

And I'm always looking for new and improved ways of sewing them better and more efficiently. A few months ago, I got a BERNINA 1300 MDC serger/coverstitch. I've fallen madly in love with it learning all of its capabilities.
The seams of jeans take on a lot of stress. And I've learned a new way of sewing them. And when I learn cool new tips and tricks, I always want to share them!
From this point on, I'll only be sewing my jeans with a 3-Thread Overlock plus Chain Stitch! This stitch is also called a 5-Thread Safety Stitch.

You can check out my latest tutorial at WeAllSew!

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  1. Hello Erica, I am just finishing my 1st pair of jeans ( with super stiff denim fabric (even after washing 3 times). I had a lot of difficulty getting the fly to not show . Is there any special trick for sewing a fly front? Sincerely, Carol


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