McCall's 8043 - Open-Back Top!

12:00 AM

I'll just start by saying that I love this top so much. McCall's 8043 is unlike anything I have in my wardrobe and I love the fact that its designer style is so dead on the nose. 
This design is inspired by the Orseund Iris Night Out Top. McCall created versions with both the ruched midriff and a smooth one, like I made. And I like that they lengthened the ties so that you can tie them to the front also.
I cut my version is a 14. I didn't need to make a FBA, because without wearing a bra, it fits like it's supposed without any adjustments.
My gorgeous floral crepe fabric is from Joann Fabrics and so are the matching buttons. It cut and sewed beautifully.
Both the front and the back openings have facings which keeps the openings laying nice and smooth.
I love the button loops detail. I was so lucky to run upon the perfect style shank buttons in the most perfect shade of red.
I love how well the ties work in the back and the front!
This is such a great wardrobe addition that I think I need to add another one in a solid, basic color.

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  1. This is a great blouse. Perfect for dressing up or being casual. I think one in a solid color would be a great addition. Always, fantastic work!

    Kimberly Wilkes

  2. Great looking blouse! It has a soft,sexy look. Very classy! You look marvelous!

  3. I agree Erica, this is a really lovely pattern. Love your choice of fabric and the buttons are the perfect choice. Beautifully made as always.
    Can't wait to get around to making this.


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