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by "Lady Rhonda"
Rhonda Morrow-Little
September 2, 2002

We’re on the corner;
We’re on the roof tops waving white sheets;
Frantic, yet somber,
Where is our relief?
Trapped on the Bayou,

Waiting for a rescue;
Overhead a helicopter’s flying,
Mr. President, where are you?
Holocaust waters are burying us – How can this happen in America?
We’re running out of time,

It’s gettin’ hard to breath;
Watchin’ each other die,
New babies on momma’s knees,
Four days without any water,
Need food in our hands;
Garbage under water,
So we can’t raid the cans.
Forced to the Super Dome,

We did as we were told;
Katrina drove us from our homes;
We moved without a word,
Won’t somebody help us - our spirit’s almost gone;
The situation’s hopeless;
Why have you left us here alone?
We’re already under sea level,

We’re being buried with the dead;
Won’t someone please rescue us,
Before diseased waters cover our heads?
We’re running out of patience,

The waters won’t recede;
We’re sitting in pollution, sewage and contamination,
The stench we can’t believe.
Would it help if we were in Iraq?

Fighting a senseless war;
Catching a sniper’s bullet,
Kickin’ in Iranian doors?
If we had lived in Jeb’s country, as helpless Florida refugees, would you have IMMEDIATELY sent a thousand troops to satisfy our needs?
Holocaust are waters burying us – How could this happen in America?
Babies are hungry,

Wearing diapers three days old;
How in the world is this happenin’?
Is Revelations being retold.
Government is corruptly rising,

And forgetting about the people;
Which makes some people a little crazy,
That they don’t give a damn either!
Hurricane Katrina’s winds howled and roared;

Lake Pontchatrain levee’s broke,
Flood waters fiercely poured in;
Overcoming New Orleans’ poor.
Mr. President, we didn’t have the money it takes,

To evacuate the city;
Does that mean we have to die,
In shame, filth, and pity?
It’s been days and still there is no relief,

How much more time do you need;
Another one of us died today,
Does it satisfy you to hear us plead?
Holocaust waters are burying us – How could this happen in America?
Help us! Please help us!

Are the cries that are televised;
Most of these cries,
Came from the mouths of a child!
How can you ignore a baby’s distress?

How can you turn a deaf ear?
That helicopter we heard earlier,
Let us know you were here.
You conveniently did a flyover,
And landed at our neighbor’s door;

Why didn’t you just stop here in Louisiana –?
Or were we too poor?
Holocaustic? You ask, why I give it this label?

Because, that’s the only card left on your table;
You left the poverty-stricken, the sick and the aging,
People of color and children
To deal with death like we were in cages!
Dead bodies floating in the water, dead bodies against the walls, dead bodies sitting in wheel chairs, dead bodies lying in the halls!

Mosquito’s, rat’s roaches, flies –
Feasting on human caucuses before our eyes!
Hunger, violence, faming and disease –
Was televised repeatedly –
How could you not see?
Holocaust waters are burying us –

How could this happen in America?
Each man will have to give an account - for the things he’s done in life, MR. BUSH, are you prepared to stand before God and say what you did was right?
No! GEORGE – you still don’t see the light –

You should have been here FOUR DAYS AGO!
I don’t think God will listen to you tonight!

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