OMG! Who does Betty have in the basement?

9:19 PM

Desperate Housewives:

For the 10 of you that missed!

Who does Betty Applewhite, newest neighbor on Wisteria Lane, have chained in her basement? I think it's her husband! Remember when Bree and Danielle came by with her signature "Welcome to the Neighborhood" muffins and apologized for her rudeness because there was a death in the family (Rex)? Well, Betty's son Matthew told Danielle that he knows how she feels because his dad died too. After they left, Betty called him on the dying dad story and advised him to leave the cleverness to her. Right at the end, Matthew walks in with a tray of food and Betty comments on how nice of a touch the single rose in the vase is and takes the tray and gives Matthew a gun and they carry it to the basement and out comes the chained hand! Can't wait to find out what her story is and how it will involve the rest of the ladies on the "lane".

Speaking of Bree, can this chick keep it together or what? On the season finale, it was nice to actually see the ice queen breakdown after finding out that Rex had died. No matter what the occasion is, Bree is always concerned with appearances: she waited until the appropriate hour of 9 am before she called to inform her friends of the death of her husband. Then, the MIL from hell blows in on her broom wanting to take over the preparations of Rex's funeral. Being a lady of magnificent decorum, Bree decided to go along with this until the MIL decides to write a 15 page eulogy and call Bree on her bad marriage in front of the minister. I had to stand up and applaud when Bree got pissed off and told her that she was uninvited to the funeral and that she would hire guards with sticks to keep her MIL out and if she were to set one foot into the sanctuary, she would order the guard to beat her with those sticks! Bree finally gave in and decided to let the MIL come to the funeral after the kids pressure her. That had to be one of the most comical parts of the show: her son tells her: "Grandma may be a bitch, but she's our bitch!" After giving in to the MIL and dressing Rex in his prep school graduation tie, right before the closing of the casket, Bree decides to make a change. She gets up and walks down the aisle of the sanctuary looking for an appropriate tie and takes Tom's tie and sits Rex up and puts the new tie on him! Now, all is right in her world. Can't wait to see what that creepy pharmacist George, the one that killed Rex, will do next to get close to Bree.

Talk about being a multi-tasker! Lynette has a job interview because as you know last season Tom decided to stay home with the 4 kids and be a Mr. Mom after losing his job. Right before she has to walk out the door to meet with the big boss, Tom throws his back out and Lynette has to take the baby with her. She gets there and prepares to go into her spill and looks through the window and sees the male receptionist who she had left the baby with laying her baby on his desk will he flirts with a female co-worker. Lynette freaks runs out of the interview and gets the baby and comes back in and shows the interviewers the true meaning of multi-tasking and gets the job! Way to go Lynette!

On the baby front, Gabrielle visits Carlos at jail and receives a very icy reception because last season he found out that she had been having an affair with that gorgeous little gardener John(who can blame her! ;-), and Carlos demands a DNA test.

Mike didn't get shot by Zach, Susan got the gun away and was attacked by Mike's dog and fell over and bit her lip... Go figure! Susan and Mike did talk and he told her the whole story about Zach being Deidre's son, Mary Alice killing Deirdre, then killing herself over the guilt and the blackmail by Martha, (BTW: What happened to Martha's sister? Is she dead?) and Paul burying the body under his pool and then digging it back up (very first episode). Susan did put all of the pieces together, especially after Mike didn't want to press charges against Zach, that he was Mike's son.

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