Green Brown Gable Progress

2:28 AM

Just took the sleeves off of the needles. Can you tell just how excited I am? Insomnia is a mofo! I think I over caffienated myself on Crack Starbucks. Even with all the other things I've had to do this weekend, Green Brown Gable is really turning out to be a quick knit... it's flying off of the needles! If I don't get too occupied with everything else, I should be done with this is a few days!

I've always wondered how other bloggers can get such perfect pics of themselves. Then there are the ones who take the in the mirror shots and forget to turn the flash off (also, forget to clean the mirror). DH laughed while I was attempting my "self-portrait". He says that I spend as much time setting up a photo for the blog as I do knitting.

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