Project Spectrum - April

5:03 PM

me being big-time goofy!

Project Details:

Pattern: #15 - Whip-Stitch Tunic from VK Spring/Summer 2006

Yarn: Berroco Touche' (50% Cotton/50% Rayon)

16 hanks - Color #7920 - Orange

1 hank - Color #7900 - White

Needles: Addi Turbo US Size 8 (5 mm)

Hook: Size H/8

Start Date: March 25, 2006

End Date: April 18, 2006

No modifications necessary on this one. The recommended yarn for this project is Classic Elite Yarns - Posh. Yeah, about that... this yarn retails for around $32 a hank, 11 hanks were needed... you do the math. I substituted with the Touche. This yarn was very splitty, but it feels wonderful. There were a lot of fibers floating around while I was knitting. At one point I thought I would hack up a fur ball! The tunic has been washed and blocked and no pilling.

If the weather cools down, which I'm sure it will because we are at unseasonable highs this week (today - 90 degrees!), I'll get a chance to wear this before fall.

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