Project Spectrum - May

7:36 PM

Springtime, ahh...

I don't know if I've every really been that fond of the color green, until now. While searching for this color, I thought about cheating and just pulling images off of the web. But green is so obvious... it's everywhere! I walked outside and I was blinded by green and all of it's glorious beauty!

With all of that walking and searching, a girl gets a little thirsty! I came across this new vintner -- Banrock Station. Let me just say, this chardonnay is as good as it is cheap inexpensive -- $4.37 at good ol' Wal-Mart Supercenter!

Here is yarn that I pulled from my stash:


Just found out today that I am Black Purl Mag's Blog of the Week. How cool is that? Very!.


This is what I'm currently working on:

4 inches into Orangina for the SKC KAL.

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