Up the frog pond...

2:16 PM

head hurts!
without a paddle! Have you ever had one of those crappyassed days where nothing looks right? That's what I'm having right now. It may be PMS, I'll have to check the calendar. Or I may be falling into a fiber slump. I tend to do that every now and then. It usually happens when I do a lot of projects back to back. After I finished Green Brown Gable, it was like coming down from a high. I really enjoyed that project, it was such a fun, easy, mindless knit. I feel like I need to be doing something similar even though there are a million other things I want to make. I can be so wishy-washy sometimes. I think I may be manic-depressive and I'm on the depressive end right now. Knitting and crocheting is suppose to be fun, and I'm making it stressful. I'm stressing over getting it all done and trying to hurry through projects to the point of making stupid mistakes. I really had a brainfart... I looked down at a crochet project I was doing in the round and to my horror it was TWISTED. What a nightmare! Needless to say, all of that gar-bage in the pic above has an appointment with a lillypad and ticket to the frog pond!

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