So, how was your 4th?

10:30 PM

Mine was fun, you know, lots of family time. We did the BBQ thing, DH did babybacks early in the a.m. to avoid the rain (and the heat) that we were sure to get. Next we were off to movie #1 - The Devil Wears Prada. This was an excellent movie! I think my favorite line from the movie was:

Andy: Wow, you look so... skinny.
Emily: Really, oh thank you! I'm on
this new diet. I don't eat anything! When I feel like I'm going to
faint, I eat a cube of cheese. I'm only one stomach flu away from my goal
After that, came back home to eat, again! Then off to the "Thunder on the Mountain" fireworks celebration. Next, movie #2 - Superman Returns. Another great movie. It ends with a cliffhanger -- I won't give it away.
As you can see, my day was pretty full, no knitting or sewing.
The summer Knitty is up. I'm rather disappointed with it. This issue is accessory driven, not a single cute cardi or sexy tank in sight! However, I have to admit that I do like, O.K. love Fetching. I never got around to making a pair of fingerless gloves last Winter, since I started my adventure in knitting in January and I was totally focusing on Spring. Also there are theses cute skully type hats that DH loves to cover up the bald head with when it's cold out.

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