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Book Review
mil·li·nery: noun - the business or work of a person who designs, makes, trims, or sells women's hats.
Available December 5, 2006 $19.95 or $13.57 - pre-order at Amazon!

Eugenia Kim, milliner extraodinaire, whose career took off after she fashioned a red-feathered cloche to hide a botched haircut, has written a book -- Saturday Night Hat, that contains fifteen hat how-tos and fifteen trim how-tos that cover the basics of millinery. This book is filled with illustrations, easy-to-follow diagrams, and photos of her whimsical Deco-inspired creations such as:
• The Beret (I'm doing this one first!)
•The cloche
•The cocktail hat
•The Pillbox
•The Fedora
•The Newsboy
•The Sun hat
I don't know about you, but I'm a novice to hat-making (other than knitting or crochet) and there is a handy glossary in the back filled with hat lingo that clarifies everything. This is a fantastic way to accessorize Fall/Winter sewing, knitting, crocheting that will make you a hard act to top!

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