Jackets and Linings

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Book Reviews:

I have found these to be two great resources... two that I have been buried in for the last couple of days. JFRP is a great companion book for tailoring a jacket for ANY size that I've come across. If you have not tackled jacket construction and tailoring, this book is a must have for your sewing library. This book provides step-by-step instructions on how to choose and treat the fabric; seam finishes; how to make the alterations; where to add interfacing; welt pockets; bound buttonholes; sleeve heads; shoulder pads; set sleeves and the list goes on. The particular chapter that struck me was the last one on Men's jackets, something I definitely want to try. Here is the chapter list:
  1. About Sewing Jackets
  2. Pattern Selection
  3. Fabrics
  4. Shaping Fabrics
  5. Great Notions for Jacket Sewing
  6. Pressing and Seam Finishes
  7. Make Sure it Will Fit
  8. Fitting Jackets on REAL People
  9. Cutting, Marking, and Interfacing
  10. Jacket Front
  11. Back and Under Collar
  12. Sleeves, Shoulder Pads, and Chest Shaping
  13. Facing, Upper Collar, Lining, and Hems
  14. Bagging a Lining
  15. Buttonholes
  16. More Pockets
  17. Easy Mitered Back Vent
  18. Finishing Touches
  19. TIPS That Will Improve ALL of Your Sewing
  20. Plaids and Stripes
  21. Men's Jackets
The only thing I didn't like... well, I won't say "didn't like", but I wished there had been color photos instead of so many illustrations. BUT, it wasn't hard to figure it out since they are GOOD illustrations.

Easy Guide to Sewing Linings by Connie Long is the only book that I've seen that discusses the treatment of linings in such detail. It talks about how to line EVERYTHING and all of the possible problems you may encounter.

  1. The Purpose of Lining a Garment
  2. Jacket Linings
  3. Coat Linings
  4. Vest Linings
  5. Skirt Linings
  6. Pants Linings
  7. Dress Linings
  8. Sheer and Lace Garment Linings
  9. Sweater Linings
  10. Lining Vents
She gives precise instructions on how to make your own lining pattern; how to put them in by machine or hand sewing. If you enjoy wearing lined garments (as I do), this book is a must have.

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