Nanette Lepore Knockoff -- Part I

6:10 PM

So far, I've done:
  • Cut out a size 14, according to my 36" high bust measurement.
  • Made 1" FBA for the jacket shell.
  • Interfaced the entire shell because of the lightweight linen fabric.
  • I cut the lightweight interfacing on the bias to provide a better drape.
  • Since the pattern did not provide separate pattern pieces, made a 1/4" allowance for "turn of cloth" for collar and lapels.
  • The waistband is attached by sewing to the outside of the jacket shell and inserting the ends into the front dart and encasing.
  • I cut my darts opened and pressed flat using a tailor's ham to reduce bulk. The instructions suggested pressing to one side.

right and wrong sides of band and darts

More to come...

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