The end of Summer!

5:00 PM

Today was the first day of school (can you hear the angels singing "Hallelujah")! This was crazy to me because it's like the hottest day of the year -- a very unpleasant record high of 103 degrees! Way back in the dark ages, we started school after Labor Day. Mikaela told me they were only allowed 5 minutes of outdoor recess, the rest of the time was spent in the gym. Now, I have to buy school supplies for the high schoolers... we always have to wait until they get their course syllabi to find out exactly what they will need. I've been so busy this week that there was absolutely no time for sewing... I know -- SACRILEGE! But even though I'm not physically doing it, the mind is always working. I'm in the planning stage of my transitional pieces and Fall wardrobe. You'll be the first to know once my plans are complete.

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