Project: Homecoming

2:45 AM

The start of school means that Homecoming is readily approaching. I have until September 25th, to find and construct Amber a dress. She's a 15 year old sophomore. I want her to look beautiful, but not too "grown" (know what I mean). No plunging necklines! No low cut backs! No minis! No slits up to "there"! After seeing how some of those young girls go to homecoming and prom, I have to wonder what kind of crack their parents smoke?! They look more like they're going to a party at Hef's mansion than to a school-related event. I've been searching and I have ALMOST narrowed down my choices.

But this one is my favorite:

My daughter is only 5'3"... I would have to alter the pattern and cut this dress to a tea-length so the dress will not be "wearing her". I love the bodice on this one, plus it's a halter for that extra support. You'll be hearing more about this project in the weeks to follow.

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  1. You always have a good sense of style, Erica. I totally adore the last set. I think we have exactly the same taste in dresses.

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