So... how was your weekend?

12:00 AM

This weekend, we celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary (Oct. 14th). This year we decided to stay home and cook together with the kids since we had a big to do last year. It's always fun to cook with the kids. We prepared roasted cornish game hens with wild rice stuffing, sauteed green beans with baby portobello mushrooms, shallots and garlic and a nice bottle of white wine for the grown ups.
Saturday night, Michael and I went to the movies to see Why Did I Get Married. This was Ty.ler Per.ry's best effort by far. I've read different reviews and varying opinions, but we all really thought this was a great movie... very relatable for us married folks.

I did very little sewing this weekend, but after some household maintenance, I'm back at the cutting table. So, what did you do?

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