Project Runway - Season Four

12:45 PM

If you didn't know, the new season of Project Runway starts November 14th. I've noticed a distinct twist this time... they are ALL "real" designers already! In the past, most were up and coming designers, tailors, dressmakers, costume designers, boutique owners, etc... So, what's the point? LOL

Take Carmen Webber for example, I'm already familar with her work. She's one of the designers for SOH (Sistahs of Harlem)... I love her style! And I saw that episode of Tyra last year with Rami Kashou which inspired me to do my own version of the "balloon dress".

I've read all of the bios... they all have diverse backgrounds and education levels. So, how do you think this little twist will pan out? Do you think the quality of their designs will be better than previous contestants or about the same?

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