Crow is mighty tasty.

6:00 PM

I had a hellacious last week... no time to sew for me and that is never good.

Remember way back when I expressed rather... um, era *STRONG* feelings about Simplicity's - Project Runway patterns? Um, yeah... I did find a couple that I like!

I am currently working on Simplicity 2923. I decided to go to another color from my Spring Color palette -- Cantaloupe. As you know, I am completely obsessed in love with Freesia, but I've resisted all urges to purchase. I was planning to make this shirtdress, but when I saw this one, the possibilities were just endless... it had so much more character.

Have you gotten your June/July issue of this? I am loving it already. And I think you know why!
I knew the momemt I saw this dress, I had to make it. I'm currently awaiting my Milliner Needles as suggested by Phyllis. There is a fantastic article on Ralph Rucci that is a must read. So, in between sewing, I've been researching how I am going to make a FBA on the bodice. I'm not sure yet, but I've seen a couple of possibilities in FFRP.

I've also been putting together more items for my Spring/Summer wardrobe:

I am also on the look out for fabric and embellishments for these.

Now for a second helping of Crow...

Remember when I had my doubts about Club BMV? Well... I joined! Boy did it pay off. I did not want to risk that CHADO Ralph Rucci pattern being sold out when they go on sale at Hancock!

Life's little lesson: Never say never!

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