Skimpy Prom Dress Trend

4:00 PM

As sewists and seamstresses, would you be willing to make a "custom dress" like THIS?

I WOULD NOT! I don't believe in making ANYTHING, for ANYONE, for ANY AMOUNT of money that would compromise my integrity. I was having a conversation with one of the ladies that works in one of my local Hancock's a few weeks ago about prom season. She made it clear in no uncertain terms that if they want it and they're paying for it, she would make it. Not me.

Big question... where are the parents when these young ladies are putting on these stripper dresses to attend prom? Amber would get broken kneecaps if she attempted to wear something like that.

Remember when this pattern debuted?

Panic ensued throughout sewing blogland that all the girls would want this dress. This would have been a much better option... and that's a sad, sad thing. *SIGH*

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  1. I think that these designs are beautiful! ^_^

    1. I mean the article is beautiful and the images of dresses i had in my head reading your article my mind was comepletely blown away


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