Book Review: "Cool Couture"

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Cool Couture: Construction Secrets For Runway Style

Product Description:

Cool Couture is a home sewer’s guide to professional, designer-quality construction and finishing. Fashion designer Kenneth King provides step-by-step instruction in the basic, reliable techniques of classical couture.

He provides his own shortcuts, careful instruction, and advice to help home sewers of every level produce impeccable results. Each technique is presented with simple how-to drawings and detailed step-by-step instruction. Fashion-forward photographs of the designer’s own couture garments and tight shots of fabrics and construction and decorative detail show the finished effects. This book is an essential reference book of couture techniques for home sewers.

Ch1: Choosing Fabrics
Ch2: Equipment and Tools
Ch3: Edge and Seam Finishes
Ch4: Piping
Ch5: Pockets and Buttonholes
Ch6: The Tailored Shoulder
Ch7: Designer Embellishments

This is my first Kenneth D. King book (clutch the pearls!) and I have to admit that I am impressed. This is a paperback book, with great illustrations and fabulous color photos of the author's opulent designs.

I own a couple of couture books, but this one is different. He has an entire chapter on piping! Not only is this a couture sewing book, he also offers techniques on tailoring in chapter 6. He even shows you how to draft the interfacing for the jacket fronts. This information is in my "Tailoring" book, but it just seems much more concise in this one. Where was this book when I was making my coat? I'm also very interested in chapter 5. His information on pockets is great and I can't wait to try it out.

This book is a MUST HAVE if your goal is to take your sewing from basic to the next level.

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