Up next, the LBD!

12:00 AM

My next project will be "The Little Black Dress"! A lot of descriptions say that it should be a "simple" dress that goes from day to evening. Hmmmm... last I checked, I can sew! I've already made several LBDs and if need be or I decide I *want* another one, I'll just make one. So I decided to make myself a "Little Black Cocktail Dress"! I was thinking of something with a lot of panache and a lot of sex appeal! I am 40 and FABULOUS you know! And my 19th wedding anniversary is coming up next month, so I'll have a great opportunity to wear it.

If you're looking for inspiration on making a LBD, check out the above book and also

And I hope you didn't miss...

I should have a post of my dress by this weekend!

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