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And that's how Belk describes beauty for spring.

Here are some of the great products that the cosmetics experts at Belk have selected (and were gifted to those of us attending their Spring presentation):

StriVectin-EV™ Get Even Brightening Serum- StriVectin-EV™ bring a highly potent, quick
absorbing all-over face serum for mild to moderate age spots, sun spots and dark spots, it
brightens dull skin tones and visibly diminishes spots for clearer, brighter, younger-looking skin.
Non-comedogenic and paraben-free. 1.7 oz., $89.00

Clarins NEW Extra-Firming Day Cream- Clarins revolutionizes the face of firming with
lifted, toned skin in just 4 weeks. This revolutionary anti-aging treatment, with powerful plant
extracts, rebuilds the bonds between collagen, elastin and cells- strengthening skin's architecture
to firm and tone on every level. 1.7 oz., $80.00. Available in March.

Estée Lauder ANR 30 Year Anniversary Bottle- The revolutionary repair serum inspired by
groundbreaking DNA research in a limited-edition 30th Anniversary bottle. Use this age-defying
serum every day and help continuously repair the appearance of past damage caused by every
major environmental assault. Exclusive Chronolux™ Technology synchronizes to skin's needs
to help support the optimal performance of its natural repair and protective processes. Now see
younger, healthier looking skin today and tomorrow. 1.0 oz., $52.00; 1.7 oz., $80.00

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Premiere Intense Moisture and Renewal Activation Cream
SPF 30- This rich, replenishing day cream provides intense moisture as it renews and helps
protect from future aging signs. It immediately comforts, deeply nourishes, activates cell
metabolism and protein generation while protecting from sun damage. It is clinically proven to
provide intense hydration and optimize surface cell turnover to improve the appearance of age
spots, discolorations and overall radiance using our patented retinyl complex. It also strengthens,
firms and retexturizes skin and provides key nutrients to fortify thin, fragile skin. 1.7 oz., $92.00

Biltmore Bath and Body 20 percent Shea Hand Cream - A super-emollient hand cream
consisting of 20 percent Shea Butter, sunflower seed oil, and sweet almond oil is blended with a
faint but alluring hint of vanilla. Dense and pleasing, this cream absorbs easily, is non-greasy, and
helps to heal and protect dry or dehydrated skin. This formula rejuvenates even the roughest
hands to a soft and smooth finish and is paraben and fragrance free. 1.0 oz., $8.00

Clinique Moisture Surge Intense Skin Fortifying Hydrator - This rich cream-gel moisturizer
quickly delivers maximum hydration to dry, delicate skin and is oil free and non-acnegenic,
which makes it suitable for all skin types. Barrier repair technology leaves skin comfortable and
plumped 8, 12 and even 24 hours after application. Used over time skin will feel suppler, be less
reactive and it will look younger. The product has amazing texture and delivers instant hydration
when applied. 1.0 oz., $36.00

Lancôme Absolue Precious Cells Eye Creme-This cream brings the ultimate in skincare that
addresses UV and lifestyle damage. It helps restore density, reduce wrinkles and regenerates
radiance in the eye area. 0.5 oz., $108.00

“Big Pony” by Ralph Lauren- “Big Pony” rides onto the scene in four amazing scents. All
four colorful fragrances are bright, playful and energizing, and set upon a floral backdrop, yet
each expresses a clear point of view. Based on a duo of ingredients, each fragrance pops with a
unique accent of Citrus, Fruit, Green or Oriental to establish a clear identity with a distinctive
 #1 The Sporty Fragrance. Catch her if you can. This Floral Citrus scent features
Grapefruit & Blue Lotus for a vibrant, energetic fragrance that evokes confidence and energy while awakening the senses. Confident and fearless, the sporty woman is a natural
born leader and ready to take on the world.

#2 The Sensual Fragrance. A Floriental Fruity with the key ingredients of Cranberry &
Tonka Mousse, this fragrance is for an alluring flirt with a romantic spirit. Playful and
irresistible, this modern woman follows her heart…and she just might break yours.

#3 The Free-Spirited Fragrance. Eccentric, rebellious and independent, this Floral Green
fragrance highlights Pear & Mimosa. The crisp, bright scent represents ultimate optimism
and natural feminine radiance for a woman who dances to the beat of her own drum.

#4 The Stylish Fragrance. Edgy and refined, with a flair for the exotic, this Oriental Floral
contains key ingredients of Wild Cherry & Purple Amber. Designed for the stylish woman,
that catches the eye and imagination of anyone who crosses her path.
1.0 oz., $40.00; 1.7 oz., $55.00; 3.4 oz., $70.00; 4.2 oz., $23.00

Parisian Beauty Brights 5 Piece Nail Polish Set- Vibrant, trendy, and fun! This collection of
must-have brights features a salon quality formula that is always in style. This polish provides
flawless coverage, shine and durability. For best results, apply a base coat before applying color
and a quality top coat for a nice finish. Comes in the colors: Zinnia, Daffodil, Poppy, Viola,
Peony. Set, $20.00

Benefit Hervana Powder- Seeking a flush of enlightenment? Swirl on hervana… our “good
karma” face powder! Four complementary shades—lucky shell, divine peach, heavenly rose & berry
delight—blend together perfectly for an orchid blossom blush. What goes around comes around!
0.28 oz., $28.00

I'm going to try all of these products out and I'll be letting you know what works for me and which ones didn't.

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  1. Hi Erica... StriVectin is amazing! I have been using it for more years than I am willing to admit :)
    It used to be available by prescription only...my dermatologist suggested it, and it really does work. Though I will add that the cosmetic cream version has a much better scent than the original ;)

  2. Are these products comped? Didn't see a disclosure statement, just curious.

  3. Pam, I have one or two acne scars and I'm hoping that it works.

    Phyllis, they were. It was a great swag bag!

  4. I like using the concealer because it really blends in my skin well. That brand makes my skin look like I had a camouflage makeup because of it's smoothness and perfect tint.

  5. The spring 2012 beauty products is gorgeous. The details are given here
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