Vogue Patterns - Spring 2012 Collection

2:27 PM

I love the shape of this dress and the straps are just visually interesting.
These separate hold many possibilities for me.  This will probably be the first pattern I'll buy and make from this collection.
I love Tracy Reese!  And this is a great dress that can go from regular everyday to the office.
I love this dress.  I would probably make this in a sturdy ponte knit.  And mine would be knee-length.  If I'm showing that amount of skin on top, it needs to be in a "modest" length.
This is a really cute dress that can be made in silk crepe or lightweight jersey.  If I made it in the silk, I'd make the slip.  If I used jersey, I doubt I'd need it.
I love this!  Depending on the fabric, this dress can go from cocktails to the beach!
If I need a cocktail dress for spring/summer, this one will be it!  Just gorgeous!
Just a cute and flowy top to have.
There is just something so dramatic about this jacket that I love.  I'd want to make it in white as well.
 8791 - I love the uneven hem.  I think I'd like the sleeveless version.
8797 - This really has the potential to be a great shirt dress.  I would make it in a trendy spring bright color and exaggerate the "high-low" hemline by making the back a little longer.

Do you guys like any of the new collection?

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  1. Ohh! Definitely, 1296 caught my attention, it's sooooo beautiful ....

  2. Indeed, I have my eyes on a few of them :)

  3. The first one caught my brown eye...(maybe it's the left one or the right one,not sure). Anyhow, trying to figure if the fabrics are from Vogue Fabrics (the patterns co. has a partnership with the Midwest fabric store). Not sure.

  4. oh, wow. joann fabrics has a vogue pattern sale up here, too- $3.99:)

  5. V1286 is great but I feel like they should include cup size when it's that low cut.

  6. A cup size would be lovely. I don't think they've ever offered cup sizes on designer patterns.

  7. The Donna Karans and DKNY (V1287) look good-- I'll probably get the V1282 slinky separates first, too. But I was sorry to see no Vena Cava.

  8. Aaaaahhhhh! You are so right! They always have great patterns too.

  9. You and Amanda both posted at the same time and I can barely take the time to thank you for posting so I can run over and look. It looks like a fantastic spring collection to me!

  10. I'm loving all these hot dresses! I wish the second one was shown on a model who actually had an ass, so I could get some idea of how it'll look on me! Those Tracy Reese dresses are my faves.

  11. Love them all! Especially the DK Collection 1280 and 1282. I can't wait to see how you style the 1296 - Bellville Sassoon jacket!
    And THANKS for "what I'm wearing"! Some mornings I just stand in my closet without a clue as to what to wear. Then I think about how you styled something and VOILA inspiration. ;-)

  12. Like..... Fresh fun and flirty!

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  14. It's been so long since Vogue gave me a buzz, I'm in shock over the 1288 - Badgley Mischka Platinum. Gorgeous. The rest are too young for me, and the Bellville Sasson is just trying too hard. (Sort of Cruella Deville summers in Deauville.)
    I'm really enjoying your posts on how you're putting all these clothes to good use. For months I've wondered whether you ever wore anything twice, given your prodigious output. And I think there's a lot of be learned about the longevity of making good style and fabric choices from the get-go.
    Also, major congrats on the new addition to your clan!

  15. I think this one of the best recent Vogue collections

  16. I love the collection...I bought 15 patterns today from the spring 2012 collection.


    1. I bought everyone I listed! I can't resist a pattern sale!

  17. Hi Erica,
    I've been following your blog since your crochet days! I think this will be my first comment, yikes!
    I'm considering making V1289, and I already have some satin-back crepe in my stash. My question is, do you have any suggestion for a less expensive alternative to the hair canvas interfacing?

  18. Hi Sarah,

    If a garment calls for hair canvas, USE HAIR CANVAS! You will compromise the quality of the garment if you attempt to substitute (with whatever is out there that might work).

    Thanks for coming out of lurkdom.


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