What I'm Wearing | Baby, it's cold outside: Cape + Cargos!

11:30 PM

The crazy weather went from allowing me to be bare-legged, to putting back on the outerwear and over-the-knee boots.  It was cold, windy and 35 degrees today!  
My husband is always such a trooper when it comes to being my great photographer.  He stood in the cold and wind, taking pictures of me!  He's such a great guy!

This cape has become one of my favorite outerwear pieces this season.  If I must wear a coat, I'd rather grab this!

Wearing:  cape: Vogue 2924; black cashmere turtleneck; purple pashmina scarf; pants: Banana Republic skinny cargos; boots: Circa Joan & David;  bag: Urban Expressions

R.I.P Whitney...

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  1. The proportions on this outfit are great. A cape is actually pretty practical if you are wearing full sleeves of any sort, which have been popular lately.

  2. Great look, Erica! Appreciate you tribute to Whitney...

  3. Love that cape! The entire outfit is spot on.

  4. Super looking...and your hair is so awesome!

  5. Karin, I'd probably rather reach for a cape than a coat. Thanks!

  6. Corner Curl Girl, I'm still in shock over Whitney. She was one of my celebrity contemporaries. She and Mary J. Blige sang the soundtrack to my life. Sigh...


  7. Love the tribute to Whitney Houston. And the cape is awesome!!Love the curly hair too!!

  8. Erica,
    I was riding home from church and was wondering what I was going to wear out to the movies and dinner with the hubby. Then, I saw your post and said wow I have all those component in my closet to recreate. Needless to say, you were my inspiration. I love your style. I will take pictures to post at a letter date once I get my blog up and running. BTW, it was 28 degrees this morning in VA when we left for church. Burrr...

    1. Babysis9, please link when you get your blog up! Thanks!

  9. Thanks for the Whitney clip. I LOVED her rendition from the first time I heard it. May she rest in peace...

  10. Anonymous11:12 PM

    Nice pictures. Love the ring.

  11. OMG! I've always been a lurker, but today I am compelled to post! I LOVE this outfit! All of your outfits are great actually. And that ring is hot!
    You make me want to dust off my sewing machine. LOL


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