Pretty Birds!

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Have you ever been in need of something to do with your bag of scraps?  Well, here is your chance to make some adorableness.  I'm going to be honest with you, usually if it's less than a yard and I can't  use it for a project I'm working on and no matter how fabulous the fabric, it may just meet the garbage.  But this book, "Pretty Birds: 18 Simple Projects to Sew and Love" by Virginia Lindsay of Gingercake blog offers the most adorable solutions to your scrap fabric pile.
I'm not a "crafty sewer" by any means.  I live strictly for wardrobe building and for the fashion side of sewing.  But even for me, I think there are a couple of really cute projects that I would consider trying.  And the owl is one.  I think it would be cute for Isabella's room. Even though I've never sewn any softies, I would love to turn him into a pillow.
Another project that I feel would work for me is the canary.  The shape screams pincushion. 
And the final project that I would do is the cardinal.  I would create a few of these to be Christmas tree ornaments.  He couldn't be more perfect for that!

PRETTY BIRDS should be on the shelves of your favorite book store March 2015.  

By Virginia Lindsay 
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  1. Cute! Sometimes taking a break from garment making is cool as there is no fitting drama involved!

    1. It is good to change things up occasionally!

  2. Make them small, and insert washers and/or bolts, fill with rice and they make great pattern weights.

  3. pattern weights! Fun idea. As for that cardinal, I've wanted to make a felted version. I've an idea to decorate a christmas tree with 'em too, Erica. They're the state bird for Illinois!

  4. Love the idea of pattern weights! There is a cardinal lurking at the back, gotta have him!


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