It's Maritime!

12:00 AM

I love a nautical style outfit, preferably when it's chic and not kitschy.  No one should want to walk around looking like a box of Cracker Jack.
Nautical and maritime styles are so cyclical in fashion that I would consider them classics instead of trends.  That's why I picked this navy and white stripe fabric for my second version of Vogue 9151.
I've worn my black version of this top too many times to count since I made it.  I knew it was time for another one.  I use my same View C in a size medium that I'd previously cut and sewed straight out of the envelope.
And just like before, I knew that this one would also benefit from eyelets and lacing.
And what's a nautical outfit without a great pair of sailor pants.  The new Simplicity 8058 is the perfect pattern to suit my needs.
I cut the size 14 and used a navy blue ponte from Hancock Fabrics. 
 I added around 6 or 7 inches to the length.  I needed to create a 37" inseam.
I really don't like back zips on pants, but I allowed this one.  I used a metal zipper of course.  I would never trust an invisible zipper in the back of pants.  And I used a 2" hem because I feel wide-leg and flared leg pants hang better with deepr hems.
This is a very fitted pants pattern.  If you plan to make these, you'll want to keep that in mind.  They are very similar to Simplicity 1283. The pattern says that they have 1/2" of ease.  I'm going to say that the ease is negative.  And also, do note that these pants are sized for stretch knits only.  

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  1. Looks great! We are still in full on Winter here :-( But this outfit makes me think of Spring. As always, nicely done!

    1. It's full on winter here too. I was about 30 degrees when I took these pictures. The sunshine is deceiving! Thanks Sew Obsessed!

  2. Gorgeous! Your versions of these garments are sooo much more stylish and chic than what is depicted on the pattern envelopes. You truly have a gift!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I think it's really confusing in the recommendations. If you don't read all the way through, you'll miss the recommended fabric for the pants. I was talking to someone else when I first sewed the pants. They said they wanted to make them in wool. And I pointed out that these are stretchy pants, almost like the Simplicity 1283 pants. And your fabric will need A LOT of give. LOL! Thanks Shari!

    2. Hey Erika I made these pants as well and put them on my blog today but......Okay I made the mistake of not reading the envelope clearly before making the pants! DUHHHHHHHH I looked at the envelop A,C not B which is what I was making! HAAAA I knew I should have stuck with my first mind I don't know what I was thinking! You need a hotline so when we think crazy thoughts we can call you to get straightened out! LOLLL I love your work and you keep me inspired!

  4. This is a great outfit! I love both pieces. I picked up S8058 yesterday and really looking forward to making it. You look beautiful!

  5. Oh yes! I saw the pattern for those pants and just new. The truth is a great flare is fantastic. A combination of cool and elegant and flattering that I just don't think any other style can achieve. These make your legs look endless! Great outfit!

  6. I love this outfit! You look great! You have successfully sent me on a path to make those pants and hopefully I can pick up the pattern tomorrow.

  7. I love this outfit, you look great!

  8. Love the look,Erica!

  9. I just picked up this pattern from Joann's last sale. I liked that you gave them a great nautical vibe, but they look a little lower waisted than I wanted. Any tips for lengthening the waist without it looking stupid or forced?

  10. I just purchased this pattern a few weeks ago because of the flare pants and jacket. Like the look of the pants and will keep in mind the need for stretch fabric!

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