Review: Vogue 9321 - Tie-Back Jumpsuit!

12:00 PM

There is no chance of me ever tiring of jumpsuits. So, when I saw Vogue 9321, it immediately went into my shopping cart. And then I found the perfect fabric: this gorgeous Sea Blue Polyester Crepe from Mood The texture kind of looks like gauze and it's a woven with 4-way stretch... it's amazing. 
I cut the size 14 in the bodice and the size 16 in the pants. I had to make quite a few alterations.
The number one problem I had with this pattern is that it has no bodice alteration lines. So, I had to figure things out. I always have to lengthen a bodice by at least an inch. I really had to wing it on this one, and this is how the alteration looked on the bodice front.

I also added an inch to the back.
For me, this bodice is "bra-friendly". I figure, it would also depend on the width of your bra band.
For the pants, I made a few alterations to the pattern.
My alteration was a full-butt adjustment. This prevents your pants from dipping in the center back and causing a wedgie. I did this by adding 1/2" starting at the crotch point. And also, near the notches, I cut the pattern apart horizontally beginning at the center back side leaving a hinge at the side. Spread the pattern apart and insert a wedge. Mine is about 1.5". If you need a larger amount added, you have to split this alteration apart in two places. And I added a little bit more on the side to make sure that the pockets wouldn't be pulling.
To insure that I didn't have any wardrobe malfunctions, I tacked the bodice at the center front.
Overall, I like this jumpsuit, it's perfectly comfortable. I wore it out and I thought it might be fussy, but it wasn't. Everything stayed it place. The only part I don't like is the elastic waistband... I just don't think it's cute. Probably why the put a big wide sash on the model on the pattern envelope! But, it's not a dealbreaker, because I have plenty of belts that can save the day.

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  1. Great cut & color Erica!

  2. This is gorgeous!

  3. OH MY GOSH-just got my copy of Sew News and THERE YOU ARE!!!

  4. Love it....that fabric is beautiful!!! Love the belt too!!!


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