Shades of Blue!

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You ever see cute pieces online and save them to your Pinterest and then make the decisions that you're going to actually create your own version? Oh... just me? LOL I pin so many things almost daily. But ever so often, there are the ones that just grab my attention. They aren't always the most elaborate, but things that I find that are interesting and wearable.
Take these two garments. These are cute little wardrobe basics, but with trendy little details that make them fresh for the season.
In order to capture to the essence of the Sonia Rykiel top, I decided to use Simplicity 8609, view C.
With this pattern, I was more than halfway to my inspiration garment. All I needed to do was make minor modifications.
My sweater knit is from Joann's. I cut the size 14. The main change is the sleeves. I used the sleeves from view A because of the length. Where the pattern would have you leave a slit, I finished the entire sleeve head and the armholes of the bodice.
And attached the sleeve to the bodice using silver glass beads (from Joanns). I also lengthened the bodice by adding a band. I wanted my top to sit at the top of pants that aren't designed to be high-waist.
And here is a close up my neck line finish. For this project, I used my walking foot. I find that's the easiest way to keep sweater knits from stretching.
The pants are my 3rd version of McCall's 7726 (I made a pair for Mikaela too).  My fabric is this amazing Italian Navy Pin Striped Blended Linen Woven from Mood This time I made view B.
I cut the same size and made the same exact modifications as I did for my shorts. But, being that these have a slimmer, tapered leg, the fit is completely different.
Here is my pattern alteration: A full-butt adjustment of one inch and I lengthened the crotch on both the back and the front by ½ an inch. And they still felt a little snug through the thighs. If my fabric had been a stretch woven, it wouldn't have made a difference. But since this fabric has no give, I notice every bit of the fit.
They're still comfortable, but I was surprised at how different they are from the other view. Two different pants in one envelope.

Like with the previous pair, I interefaced the facings. I omitted all of the topstitching... you wouldn't be able to see it anyway. I added the belt loops to this pair.
And instead of using the sash, I made a belt with a buckle, like my inspiration pants.
I'm already in love with both of these pieces. Navy is such a dark color, but something about it for these pieces feels so fresh for spring!

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  1. Your outfit is very fresh and springlike...and I pin things all the time that I swear I'm gonna sew. I understand what you're saying about the glad one of the pinned ideas made it's way to your closet.

  2. Love this. Navy is one of my all time favorites. Loved your pod cast.

    1. I really need more navy. It looks so much richer than basic black. Thanks Faye!

  3. Navy seems to be a classic colour for Spring. Lovely pieces. I really like the sleeve treatment on the top. Years ago I saw something similar, but the "joins" were buttons and loops. Your beads accomplish the same thing and are a much simpler way of getting to the same end.

  4. Wow very impressive! Great look.

  5. G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S ! Both pieces and you wearing them. You are such an inspiration.

  6. Lol....I would love to know what some of the designers think to see how you recreate the designer looks without the designer price tag. Your podcast interview was really good. I thought about you when Nightline on ABC did a story about the show The Handmaiden. They showed the story boards of some of the characters and wardrobe development.

    1. Karen, you can’t be made at the designers and there prices! I’d definitely want Neiman’s prices if I sold retail! And I love that show! Too bad they don’t drop the entire season. I’m waiting patiently for the new episode to drop! Thanks so much!

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