Fug for you

1:24 PM

How does that saying go, "Learn from the past and you won't repeat the same mistakes", or something like that. Well anyway, somebody should have told Ashley Simpson that. I was flipping through the last People mag and got to the last page and this is the sight that almost made me spit out my Starbucks! Honestly, I really don't see any improvement other than the fact that Ashley's boobs don't quite look as though the pasties are being held on by a fishnet.

Submitting crochet patterns

A couple of months ago, I was reading Vickie Howell's blog and she was requesting patterns for a new book of hers entitled "Catwalk Crochet". She and her publisher are only willing to pay $75 - $100 per design. Ok, two months later she has extended the deadline for submission for three more weeks to April 4th. It appears that she has been inundated with crocheted accessories and possible fugwear crochet. She said that she is looking for "high-fashion" designs comparable to Marc Jacobs, Anna Sui, Stella McCartney, etc... I know I could produce something along these lines, but do I really want to make the investment on the yarn and TIME for at the most 100 bucks just to say I have a published design? Hell-to-the-no!

Back to knitting

The Soleil is coming along nicely. I've just entered the world on endless stockinette, this is always the part that I hate.

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