It's been a long week!

1:20 PM

I have only touched my machine twice this week. "Life" has had me going! I do have a couple of projects in progress, nothing complete. The little things just seemed really tedious this week. It took me three days just to cut for a project... granted there were a lot of pieces involved (body, lining, interfacings). Now that it's all laying out, I don't even think I like the fabric choices. Oh well, back to the drawing board sewing room.

McCall's Holiday 2006

No thank you, I'll pass.

What I do like:

While out and about this week, peeped my head in Anthropologie (I can always find inspiration there), and I discovered the cutest aprons... doesn't every domestic goddess need a few fab ones?! Well, it goes without saying that I wasn't about to part with 40 bucks for something I could stitch up in a couple of hours. Found Butterick 4945... could I possibly get any closer than that! I'm going to be so cute on Thanksgiving!

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