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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Feels like spring today!

Down here in the "deep South", the mercury hit 80 degrees today and Soleil made her debut! The weather is so gorgeous that I plan on putting down my needles and picking up my tennis racket for a game.
WIP update
I've been working on the Michael Kors tunic from the latest issue of VK and it's working up really quickly on my Addis. Yes, I am turning into one of those knitters that knit everything on circulars. I'm enjoying the feel of the Berroco Touche', the loose ends are a splitty but not having any negative effect on my knitting this project. Hopefully, once I finish I will be able to get a few good wears out of this before it gets unbearably hot and humid. Unlike the model, I plan on wearing mine with pair of bermudas I just bought.
While cruising through Craftster, came upon another KAL (why do I do this to myself?) This is such a cute top that I had to buy the pattern! I've promised myself that I won't buy the yarn for this until I finish this tunic.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Here comes the sun!

Project Details:
Pattern: Soleil from Knitty
Designer: Alexandra Virgiel
Yarn: Sinfonia Sportweight - 100% mercerized cotton
Needles: US Size 6 (4.00 mm) 29" Circular
Hook: Size D/3.25 mm
Start Date: March 10, 2006
End Date: March 24, 2006
Worked an extra 8 rows of the lace chart on the lower body for additional length. Added more waist shaping and a couple of more decreases on the armholes.


Found yarn for the tunic. Decided to go with the Berroco Touche'. I also picked up a copy of Tahki Crochet.

But I wanted it so bad!

Went to Barnes & Noble last night to check and see if VK Spring/Summer '06 was in and it was. I wanted this issue because I was very intrigued to see what they would offer up in the form of what I like to refer to as "Hybrid Knitwear" (knitting and crochet). Let me just say, it was nothing to do cartwheels out of the store over! The only thing that I thought was kinda cute was a cropped jacket. I don't know about you, but I'm getting a little tired of the shrugs and boleros! I still may make this one in a neutral color just to have a cute "going-to-the-movies" sweater for this summer.

However, it wasn't a total waste of money, there is a pattern for the Michael Kors whipstitched tunic that I have been oogling since I saw the advertisement in the March issue of Vogue. Talk about love at first sight. I envisioned myself wearing this over a pair of cool, crisp white linen shorts with a totally fabulous pair of wedge sandals (yes, I am a shoe whore). This dream almost turned into a nightmare when I saw the suggested yarn: Classic Elite's "Posh"! Sorry, can't offer up a car payment for this tunic, no matter how much I love it. But all may not be lost, did a little searching around, found a couple of subs courtesy of Berroco (Cotton Twist and Touche'). The hardest thing of all was finding a suitable substitute in bright orange.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Block Party!

Finished Soleil, as you can see, she's blocking right now. Even before blocking she fits really well. Talk about knitting with ADD, even before I could finish this project, I casted on for a new one: The Chevron Rib Tank. I've gotten the back done and blocked and ready to start the front.

Next up is Orangina for the KAL at SKC.

BTW, as soon as Soleil is done, I'll post pix of me wearing it.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

I swear it's not a tube top!

But it's almost a tank. I'll tell you later about the modifications I'm making.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Fug for you

How does that saying go, "Learn from the past and you won't repeat the same mistakes", or something like that. Well anyway, somebody should have told Ashley Simpson that. I was flipping through the last People mag and got to the last page and this is the sight that almost made me spit out my Starbucks! Honestly, I really don't see any improvement other than the fact that Ashley's boobs don't quite look as though the pasties are being held on by a fishnet.

Submitting crochet patterns

A couple of months ago, I was reading Vickie Howell's blog and she was requesting patterns for a new book of hers entitled "Catwalk Crochet". She and her publisher are only willing to pay $75 - $100 per design. Ok, two months later she has extended the deadline for submission for three more weeks to April 4th. It appears that she has been inundated with crocheted accessories and possible fugwear crochet. She said that she is looking for "high-fashion" designs comparable to Marc Jacobs, Anna Sui, Stella McCartney, etc... I know I could produce something along these lines, but do I really want to make the investment on the yarn and TIME for at the most 100 bucks just to say I have a published design? Hell-to-the-no!

Back to knitting

The Soleil is coming along nicely. I've just entered the world on endless stockinette, this is always the part that I hate.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Climbing out of the slump

It is "unseasonably" warm weather here in B'ham (81 degrees!). I'm talking tank top and shorts kinda weather! It is absolutely beautiful today... all the windows are open and the smell of spring is in the air along with the pollen (unfortunately) which has blanketed my black vehicle (ugh). I was flipping through my binder of patterns and ran across this cute little tank and thought "Why not?", this should be the quick fix I need to pull me out of my fiber slump and to get my needles moving again. And I get to use my pretty new yellow yarn. Also, I get a quick intro into lace knitting.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Help me, I've fallen...

...into a knitting/crochet slump! I can not focus on anything right now! I still have the partially finished white zip jacket in the chair in my bedroom just sitting there taunting me. I started that damn Apricot jacket... we'll just say that yarn and Addi's went flyin' across the room! We'll start that one again maybe around the first of next week after a thorough review at Craftster and a lot of rest.
When one is frustrated, what do you do? What else? Go YARN shopping! Well, not intentionally. Actually, I went to Hobby Lobby for purse handles because their yarn selection leaves a lot to be desired. But, I came across this wonderful sportweight, mercerized cotton yarn.
I'm thinking the turquoise yarn would look great on the Orangina. I just hope it works up as pretty as it looks packaged.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Spring/Summer '06 Crochet!

Interweave Knits Crochet

Have any of you guys seen the preview patterns from here:
I think there may potentially be some decent projects in here. Usually I'm pretty happy when Interweave puts out a crochet edition. Here a few projects that caught my attention:

Two very cute dresses! The dress on the left could possibly have some potential. I envision it with a pair of espadrilles or gladiator sandals. The one on the right is a tank type dress entitled Joie de Vivre (Joy of living). From this small pic it looks cute. I'd probably lengthen it to right above the knee and add some increases to give it a slight a-line.

Now this, I already don't like, even before the magazine can hit the newsstands! What's the prerequisite for this one, an honorary membership in the "Itty Bitty Titty Committee"? I don't think I'm going to risk the 'girls' falling out all over the place or just looking plain nasty!

These are kinda cute. Can you have enough cardis to wear over tanks and sundresses?

I really want to see the full pics on this. It's a crochet/knit combo... it even has cables!

This I really like. It's a hairpin lace skirt by Jennifer Hansen. I haven't done this technique before but I'm always down for learning a new skill.

Berroco #246 Crochet

While shopping at my LYS, the lovely Jamie showed me this one. I wasn't completely blown away, but for a mere $6.00 bucks and the fact that Jamie always winds my hanks for free, I bought it.

There is this hat pattern

that I like.

And this halter that I also like.

Tahki Stacy Charles - 2006 Crochet Patterns

Haven't bought this one yet, still debating. Not a lot in there that I would consider unique. Who knows, I may be in a good mood one day, because shopping for yarn always makes me feel euphoric, I just may spring for it.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Crafting with ADD

It can't be anything other than ADD or the fact that I just have the attention span of a three year-old. Maybe I'm just a lazy hooker! This is all of the progress I've made on the zip jacket that I plan on finishing this week:

Now, before I can finish that one I've already cast on for the next project. Well, why not? Everybody else in blogland and beyond has done it or plan on doing! Why NOT me?!?! You guessed it, it's the Apricot Jacket!

Ok... I decided to shell out the dough for a set of Addi-Turbos because you guys say that they are where it's at for speedy knitting. Well, I'm all about that... I need all the help I can with as many projects as I have in queue. They were $14.95! They better be worth it!

Now you know I just couldn't go to the LYS just for needles! But I was such a good girl, my husband will be proud, I only purchased one skein of yarn for the corset belt in SNB: The Happy Hooker.

I can tell you right now, there will definitely be some alterations done to this belt. Oh hell, by the time I get through with it, I might be an all together new belt! LOL. I agree with Bron on this one, ruffles just ain't for every booty body!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

We Are the Champions...

Have you ever seen 6 - 8 year old girls play basketball? If you haven't, you are missing a treat! It is a sight to behold. Well, nevertheless, we finished this season as CHAMPIONS for our division. It was a great game (25 - 21). Miss Mikaela scored 4 points (yeah), and played excellent defense.

Back to knitting & crocheting:

Thank goodness for E! and the all-day red carpet coverage of OSCAR®. I plan on staying put in front of the boobtube and working on my projects.