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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Tied one on for Thanksgiving!

for the Domestic Goddess in us all!

Project Details

Pattern: Butterick 4945
Fabric: 100%cotton

Description: Patterns and instructions for five aprons in sizes small, medium and large. Apron B has contrast flaps. Apron C has contrast pockets and bands.

Since there is no way around the daily household drudgery, why not look cute while doing it? Who would have thought that aprons could be such a chic little accessory? I think I want to make more! I've never quilted and believe it or not, I stared at all of the beautiful cottons in Hancock's for what felt like an eternity trying to find a fabric I like and one for contrast.

I used Apron D in the large size. I chose this view because of the adorable 50's-styling. I omitted the bow and added the facing from Apron C. When I pinned the facing to the top front of the apron, I didn't like the size. I cut 2" off of the bottom. I also added a pocket from Apron C. For the flounce, I used the contrast fabric. BTW, here's the back.

More Looks...For the "sewing disabled", here are glamour-girl aprons from Kitsch'n Glam. Their prices range from $39.60 - $61.60.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

~ Gratitude ~

  • I'm grateful for the health and well-being of my family and I.
  • I'm grateful that I was able to wake up this morning with inclination and ability to walk into the kitchen to "put my foot" in our Thanksgiving meal!
  • I'm grateful for being able to afford ALL of the food and everything else I bought this week!
  • I'm grateful for Michael Richards reassuring me that racist assholes are not only still alive and kicking, but thriving.
  • I'm grateful that Clay Aiken chose Kelly Ripa's mouth to be on the receiving end of his hand because Erica B. would have slapped him off the stage for that one!
  • I'm grateful for Rosie O'Donnell to remind us all that when we say something that a gay person does not like, it's due to HOMOPHOBIA!
  • I'm grateful that I'm here to experience all of the good stuff and the garbage.
  • I'm grateful that even though my husband has to work on Thanksgiving, he has a job to go to.
  • I'm grateful that I have you guys to read what ever I put on this blog!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Dolman Style

The Look of Dolman Sleeves

Project Details

Pattern: New Look 6648
Fabric: Rayon Jersey Knit

Big sleeves are big for fall -- dolman sleeves (the kind with armholes that reach to the waist, like a batwing) and kimono-style are part of the "I love the 80's" fashion remix and can add an element of sexy to this season's voluminous styles. This is a very *easy* to sew pattern that can be completed in a couple of hours -- it only has four pieces: front, back, neckband and lower band. All of the pieces went together very easily. The fabric I chose is very drapey which I think is best for this type of style. Anything heavier wouldn't hang right. I sewed this as directed with no modifications or alterations. On the neckband after attaching, it's topstitched on the public side of the top. The sleeves have a rolled hem (thanks to The Sewing Divas for the tutorial!) and there is ruching on the lower band. Overall, I have no complaints about this top, I love the style and I'll probably make the one with the v-neck next time.

Friday, November 17, 2006

It's been a long week!

I have only touched my machine twice this week. "Life" has had me going! I do have a couple of projects in progress, nothing complete. The little things just seemed really tedious this week. It took me three days just to cut for a project... granted there were a lot of pieces involved (body, lining, interfacings). Now that it's all laying out, I don't even think I like the fabric choices. Oh well, back to the drawing board sewing room.

McCall's Holiday 2006

No thank you, I'll pass.

What I do like:

While out and about this week, peeped my head in Anthropologie (I can always find inspiration there), and I discovered the cutest aprons... doesn't every domestic goddess need a few fab ones?! Well, it goes without saying that I wasn't about to part with 40 bucks for something I could stitch up in a couple of hours. Found Butterick 4945... could I possibly get any closer than that! I'm going to be so cute on Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Mad Hatter!

Book Review
mil·li·nery: noun - the business or work of a person who designs, makes, trims, or sells women's hats.
Available December 5, 2006 $19.95 or $13.57 - pre-order at Amazon!

Eugenia Kim, milliner extraodinaire, whose career took off after she fashioned a red-feathered cloche to hide a botched haircut, has written a book -- Saturday Night Hat, that contains fifteen hat how-tos and fifteen trim how-tos that cover the basics of millinery. This book is filled with illustrations, easy-to-follow diagrams, and photos of her whimsical Deco-inspired creations such as:
• The Beret (I'm doing this one first!)
•The cloche
•The cocktail hat
•The Pillbox
•The Fedora
•The Newsboy
•The Sun hat
I don't know about you, but I'm a novice to hat-making (other than knitting or crochet) and there is a handy glossary in the back filled with hat lingo that clarifies everything. This is a fantastic way to accessorize Fall/Winter sewing, knitting, crocheting that will make you a hard act to top!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

What I wore today

Project Details

Pattern: New Look 6620
Fabric: Cotton Jersey (25% stretch)

Description: Misses Knit Tunic Top

I made this top about two weeks ago and it hung in the closet since then. I wasn't too sure about this one because it really didn't turnout the way I had visioned. I thought from the picture that the top was cut a little more a-line than it actually was and since this was a knit, I thought that it would have more ease throughout the hip and I was wrong. It was very tight, so tight at the time that when I tried it on over my jeans, you could see the print of the pockets! I cut it off right above the hip and hemmed it. The instructions were super easy, I made this top in an afternoon. I chose to do View C because I really like the ties on the sleeve much better than the kimono sleeves (I'm kinda tired of that look). I do plan on making this one again... since it has a waistline seam, I'll go up a size.


Project Details

Pattern: Butterick 4861
Fabric: Wool/Silk blend

Description: Below mid-knee pants

This is View A, another version of the gauchos that I did. This is pretty much the same review as this one... Fast & Easy. Only difference with this on is the surplus pockets and the leg bands. Oh, forgot to take a pic, but I added faux flap back pockets with buttons. Since I made two trendy items from this one pattern, I think this is the last time I'll use this one.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Something you'll never see Erica wearing!

If you every see me wearing these, shoot me dead on the spot! If you wear these, I'm going to have to ask you to stop! I'm already a stay-at-home-mom, must I (and you) play into all of the negative stereotypes? Just like you can pull on those ugly, unflattering, faded out, saggy-butt jeans, you can hop on over to The Gap and get a great pair of reasonably priced, dark-wash boot cuts with a nice rise (preferably right below the waist).