Designer - Jodi Arnold

12:30 AM

When you think of Alabama, you probably may think hot, but you certainly don't think haute. Birmingham born and breed - Jodi Arnold's distinct vintage style and immaculate attention to detail has put her Alabama label - Mint on the fashion radar. Jodi has been sewing since she received her first machine at the age of 13; took lessons at the Singer store at the mall, and shopped every weekend at Roberta's Fabric Store. Her Southern roots still show in her designs that were born over a cup of tea in Paris. Jodi has been an illustrator for Simplicity Patterns and a designer for Danskin. She drew on this experience to turn her pipe dream into a reality.

Spring 2007

Left - Featured in the April issue of Lucky Magazine because of its unique take on the bow. Instead of being a big bow, the fabric is twisted in a way that makes it more sophisticated and not so "little girl". Right - Silver jacket paired with white flowy dress.

Left - Scalloped neck silk fuschia dress. Right - Embellsihed linen pant suit with wide leg pants.
Mint can be found at Neiman Marcus and Revolve Clothing.

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