It's Hump Day!

12:00 AM

The new Spring/Summer Vogue Patterns are up and I'm not overly excited. There are a few that I really liked though:

V8380 - The dress would be so adorable in a matte jersey. Look for this one, it'll be made soon!

Anna Sui - Spring 2006 RTW

V2968 - I absolutely adore the Anna Sui tops. These will look great with jeans.

V8379 - I know what you're thinking... yes, it's another DVF inspired pattern. As long as they make great patterns, I'll add them to my collection.
V8387 -I think this is a great pattern to have in the collection. I'm pretty sure I'll have some where to go this summer that will call for a great looking dress like this.
V2973 - Even though Vogue brought this jacket out for Spring/Summer, I'm going to buy it and hold it until Fall. I'm seeing this one in a butter-soft lambskin hide!
Here is the "I-WOULDN'T-BE-CAUGHT-DEAD-IN" Collection:


Right now, I'm currently working on V8352, with the fabric that I showed you here. The jury is still out on whether or not I really like this dress as much as I originally thought I did. Has that ever happened to you in the middle of a project? Happens to me all the time when I buy retail and it ends up going back to the store. So far, I have the bodice complete and I'm ready to sew on the sleeves and the skirt. It's on pause right now... still debating it.

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