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1:10 PM

Pri.nce is back with his new album Ea.rth. If you are like me, a "true Pri.nce fan" for the last 30 years, you will dig this album... it's a perfect combination of funk-rock-soul. There are ten tracks on here and so far my favorites are: the title track, "Planet Earth" and "Lion of Judah" which sound like throwbacks to "Purple Rain"; "Guitar" -- the name says it all. "Future Baby Mama" is a classic R&B melody and "Mr. Goodnight" is a nice groove even though Pri.nce underwhelmed me with is rap skills. LOL "Somewhere Here on Earth" is a nice jazzy track and he brings the funk with "Chelsea Rogers". This is just a fun CD (IMO). Pri.nce is not on a mission to revitalize the music industry, he's just making the kind of music he likes. He has a 30 year legacy and ain't got nothin' to prove!

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