9:15 PM

I'm sitting here staring at M5586, so that I can place an order for sew-on stones from M&J Trimming (thanks Kris). BUT, how am I suppose to know what size and how many? This is what the envelope says:

NOTIONS: Top A, B, C - Assorted Shapes, Sizes, Colors of Metallic, Plastic or Acrylic Jewel Stones, Flat Sequins, Beads...

Can they be anymore vague?

I'm planning on using a black jersey fabric and I wanted something that would stand out (but not in a gaudy way). I wanted to place an order now because the stones are currently 15% off and I wanted to give them time to arrive so that I can began my top soon.

I did notice that Vogue has a pattern with embellishments and they were kind enough to suggest size and amounts.

It would suck so much if I didn't buy enough and started sewing them on and ran out!

So... anybody got any suggestions?

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