Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Trudy at Hotpatterns is the BOMB!!!

I had a FABULOUS phone conversation with Trudy Hanson of Hotpatterns and received my "lightbulb moment". Can we just say I feel real dumb! ROFL It was so simple... but sometimes the simplest things JUST.DON'T.CLICK. LOL

Okay... here's how it works:

#8 on the instructions:

Step 1:

"Join the fabric layer of the front panel lining to the pants front"

First, you need to reinforce the stitching lines (the one that looks like a dart). Then mark a 5/8" seam allowance on the front panel lining piece. If the right side of the piece is facing up, your seam allowance should be on the left side.

Step 2:

"sew along the outer stitch line on the pants"

You sew this part right sides together. THIS is where I went wrong.

Step 3:

"Carefully slash the pants fronts open, about 1/8" inside the stitchline"

Step 4:

"Press the seam allowances towards the center front"
Step 5: Voila!!!

"This is what it should look like"

I should have these made up by this weekend!

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