A Sleeveless First Lady: Big Deal or Not???

12:30 AM

Photo from Mrs. O.org

As we know, one of the favorite topics with fashionistas everywhere is Michelle Obama's wardrobe. There has been much talk about the First Lady's choice of ensemble on Tuesday night... whether or not it was appropriate. First of all, I thought she looked fabulous in her plum Narciso Rodriguez outfit. She works out and you can tell she's quite proud of her arms and she clearly likes to show them off. BUT, do you think her choice of wardrobe was appropriate for the occasion? Is there an unwritten dresscode that first ladies must obide by? Or should the staunch Washingtonians just get accustomed to the fact that there's a new (fashion) sheriff in town and the chick has her own style?

I think we as a society, had gotten use to the fact that prior first ladies (at least for my generation) have been older. "Most" women that age tend to cover up out of self-consciousness and Mrs. Obama is young, vibrant and confident. Should we see her as a role model for "real" women that are healthy and fit or someone who just doesn't get how it's suppose to be done and committed a fashion faux pas? After watching Oprah on Wednesday and seeing people living in "Tent Cities", you would think that we would have REAL issues to worry about. BUT no... we are concerned with Michelle Obama's "right to bare arms".... SIGH. I don't know about you, but she sure has inspired me to step up my workout routine with a few extra push-ups and bicep curls!

What do you think?


She's also on the cover of this week's People and from Wednesday night at the White House when they hosted Stevie Wonder:

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