White pants and show through

2:30 PM

The weather is a balmy 69 degrees today, I have the windows up. I'm thinking of Spring and transitional garments, which brings me to white and ivory pants. I love white pants and I've made 2 pairs. I have several RTW versions also. But the one flaw I find with white pants whether sewn by me or RTW, is if they have pockets, that ALWAYS seem to show through. In my opinion, it looks tacky, no matter the price point. The last pair of white pants I made, I ended up going back and cutting out the pockets.

Take for example the pants above. These are $1000 pants! I would expect not to see this sort of faux pas on pants THIS expensive... I would expect -- PERFECTION! They claim to have "quality tailoring", but is it really quality if the pockets are visible?? I think not.

What are your thoughts on this?

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