Pants Fit: A Case Study

8:00 AM

Halle Berry in Dolce & Gabbana

I was doing my typical blog perusing this morning and ran across this picture of the FABULOUS Halle Berry. When I saw it, my eyes were drawn not to her fantastic Jimmy Choo "Mandah" bag; not to her 'perfect' cleavage in her plunging neckline. It was drawn to the wrinkles in her crotch! As someone that has sweated, cried and cussed over the relentless pursuit of the perfect fitting pants, has it all been in vain??? THIS is what I see not only in real life, but on the red carpet!

So my dear fellow sewists, I ask -- if THIS is what passes for NORMAL, why do WE kill ourselves trying to make sure that our pants are free of drag lines and wrinkles? Does anyone really care?

When the average woman buys pants (and I know this because I use to be an average woman buying pants), she's making sure that:
  • They fit well in the butt.
  • There is NO camel toe.
  • They are NOT gaping at the center back.
  • They are long enough to wear with the shoes I plan to wear them with.
  • And if the pockets are lying flat.
Those were my only concerns, not whether or not I have these MYSTERIOUS lines down the back of my legs or the drag lines in the front like Halle.

What do YOU think?

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