Google Reader | Closed for Business!

12:00 PM

Well, Monday is "D-Day".  Google Reader will be no more.  So if you'd like to continue following Erica B.'s - DIY Style!, here are the ways:

BlogLovin' - You can follow my blog (and other blogs that you enjoy) through this service. To import your existing blog reads from Google Reader to Bloglovin', go here

Facebook - This is my "official" Facebook page, where I only talk sewing and fashion.

Networked Blogs - Also, if you're on Facebook, connect here and my blog posts will show up right in your feed.

Twitter - My blog posts automatically feed to my Twitter page.

Email - Just type your email address in the 'Subscribe by Email...' box in the right sidebar and click Subscribe.

Feedly - This is my reader of choice, and I really like it!  It's easy to switch all of your feeds over too... just sign into your Google account via Feedly, and your Google blog feed will be switched over for you.  And what I love about Feedly is that if you're like me and read A LOT of blogs, I have mine in categories.  And unlike BlogLovin', Feedly keeps them categorized just like they were in Google Reader.  They don't have a social media button yet, but I will be sure to put it on the sidebar as soon as they do.

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  1. Thanks Erica for the reminder!! It's been on my to do list for months.

  2. I still use Google's Blogger for posting messages, but I also now use feedly for reading.


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