Community Service - Diva Style!

1:15 PM

Naomi Campbell does community service like she works the catwalk. Only a "true diva" could pull this off!

Day 1 - Chanel newsboy cap, Ralph Lauren coat, Louboutin heels and toting a pair of work-ready combat boots.

Day 2 - Since it was a little chilly, she decided to wear a $1,995 Giuliana Teso fur jacket with a Borsalino fedora. Lets not fail to mention the diamond studs and Alexander McQueen sunglasses.

Day 3 - She arrived for the third day in a Burberry leather coat, Bottega Veneta boots and a Proenza Schouler bucket hat.

Day 4 - She steps in style in a pair of maroon Marc by Marc Jacobs boots, a purple satin Etro blouse with wide-leg J Brand jeans, and a very luxurious Pologeorgis fur.

Day 5 - She plays it "Oliver Twist" style... rocking a Hermes newsboy cap, rolled up Gap khakis and oversized Burberry cardigan paired with her now-familiar vintage work boots (see day 1). But wait...

For the Grand Finale - she donned a silver sequined couture Dolce & Gabbana gown. I'm pretty sure this was her way of giving the finger, and sped off in a matching silver Rolls-Royce.

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