When I do it, I don't sell them!

5:30 PM

Left, Diane vonFurstenberg, Cerisier Shift Dress - $325; right, Forever 21, Sabrina Dress - $32.80.
I'm sure you've heard by now via the fashion grapevine that Diane vonFurstenberg is suing mass market retailer Forever 21 for copyright infringement. Okay... look at the two dresses there, side-by-side... with the exception of the neckline, they are practically identical... same fabric and everything. I don't blame Diane, I'd be pissed too! It's one thing to recreate an "inspired by" version, but this is a blatant knockoff... same fabric and everything. As a sewer, I would love to turn them both inside out and compare construction. I can guarantee that after a couple of wears, the Forever 21 dress would be falling apart at the seams.

This is a store that I would NEVER purchase anything for myself from because of shoddy workmanship. I don't do DISPOSABLE CLOTHES! However, I do shop there for my 15 year old daughter who is still growing and likes trendy clothes. I promise you that while in there, we have to comb over every garment with a fine toothed comb. There are overlock threads hanging everywhere, seams are uneven and practically falling apart in the fitting rooms.

Where do you draw the line between a knockoff or a cheap alternative?

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