'Twas the day after Christmas...

12:00 AM

and all through the house No sewing had been done (for days), not even a blouse! With all of the cake I have nibbled, And eggnog lattes, I may be changing my measurements If they've gone to my waist!
ROFL! How was your Christmas? Ours was fabulous. Saturday and Sunday, I ran around doing the last minute shopping. On Monday, I baked the Southern Comfort Cake (again)... this is turning out to be a family favorite. I also baked a fabulous Red Velvet Cake. I made Gumbo for Christmas Eve and started the prep work for our Christmas meal. Later that night, we utilized the wonderful cutting table and finished wrapping presents. By the time I got up Christmas morning, the kids were already up and it looked as if FAO Schwartz had exploded in the living room! We all got plenty of loot and we're very happy! Oh, my menu:
Standing Rib Roast Potatoes Gratin Green Beans with Shallots Gumbo Red Velvet Cake Southern Comfort Cake
We caught the 3:50 matinee for "The Great Debaters". This movie now holds the title for THE BEST MOVIE I've seen this year! How was your holiday?

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