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10:30 PM

If you're wondering what I've been doing for the past few days, I put my own sewing aside to teach my little one - Mikaela to sew. She has been begging and begging for me to teach her and I promised that as soon as school was out we'd start lessons. Please believe she held me to it. Last week was the first official week of the kids being at home for the Summer and we began it by shopping for her a sewing machine. We ended up getting her an inexpensive simple Brother LS-2125i. She read the instruction book from cover to cover and was sewing a straight stitch by the next day. I don't know about y'all, but I think that's pretty dang good for a 9 year old!

By the next day, she was begging for fabric and a pattern. I did a little research to find something that I felt she could handle (with assistance from me). What better choice than the first thing I learned to sew -- an apron. I picked Simplicity 4692 (I made one too! LOL) and she picked the fabric.

Since she has seen me lay out and cut a plenty of times, she was determined to do her own thing. I insisted that she use a highlighter to outline the pattern pieces before she cut them out.

It took us around four hours to sew the apron. I did the serging for her (she is so not ready for that yet), and did all of the pinning. Since the apron is trimmed in rick-rack, she had to really take her time to stay in a straight line.

But as you can tell, she is thrilled with her first project!

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